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Why the writers’ and actors’ strikes are ‘unbelievably bad timing’ for the Texas film industry

On Aug. 3, roughly 100 writers and actors – and on this particular day, a large presence of stunt performers – marched outside the Netflix building in Manhattan, calling for fair contracts. Their chanting quieted down as Fran Drescher took the megaphone. “We are not going to back down. We are not going to be stepped on anymore for CEO greed and Wall Street greed at our expense, when they can’t do it without us,” said the actress and activist. “We are the foundation of the wheel. Nobody can own o

Tune in: Why the writers’ and actors’ strikes are ‘unbelievably bad timing’ for the Texas film industry

Note: I wrote and recorded the audio and took the photos for this social video. Wells Dunbar edited the video.

Texas was once a booming force in the film and television industry, but when tax incentives were stripped from the state, work started moving to other southern states.

It has remained a decent place to make independent, non-union films and film commercials. However, with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA contract negotiations looming, work in LA and NYC started drying up for crew members starting as early as last fall.

Union crew members in Texas who were looking forward to more work have found their work has dried up alongside those crew members on the coasts.

We'll have more about the strike's impact on Texas on the show!

Is Tompkins Square Park the New CBGBs?

NYC booking agents in the metal, hardcore and punk scenes are struggling to book bands that aren’t against the vaccine mandates.

InCircles, a punk band lead by front-woman Julie Trudden, playing a pop-up sidewalk set in Bushwick in October 2021.

As the sun was going down in Bushwick on a Saturday, a full-on drum kit went off, with the snares bouncing off the buildings. The band played a fully-amplified Violent Femmes cover on the corner of Jefferson and

New York’s Brooklyn Mirage Defends its ‘No Jab – No Entry’ Policy

New York’s Brooklyn Mirage is defending its ‘no jab – no entry’ policy. The outdoor club, part of the Avant Gardner events venue, will re-open with Claude von Stroke’s Dirtybird BBQ. Only fully vaccinated clubbers will gain entry.

“We’ve all been waiting for this moment,” said The Brooklyn Mirage team. “To experience the music we love, dance, express ourselves and once again enjoy the feeling of togetherness.”

While some welcomed the ‘no vaccine – no entry policy’, it sparked outrage among o

Well, Hot Dog! This Swell COVID PSA Will Bring A Smile To Anyone’s Face - The Drill Mag

An article featuring the PSA I created and self-distributed on COVID-19 Etiquette in 2020.

"Check out this Pandemic PSA at Drive-ins!

It is SO tough to keep your spirits lifted during this holiday Season, ESPECIALLY since everywhere you look is a reminder of the anxiety surrounding us and our loved ones. But sometimes we need a refresher course and cannot make ourselves log onto the CDC website again, knowing it’ll really dampen our groove. So, this is the perfect vid to share with family to remind them that you love them AND that you want to give them a smile!"

Erik Putzbach: “No sé si Rafael me vio como a un cazafortunas o si se desenamoró”

Erik Putzbach se siente “engañado, ultrajado y utilizado” tras la lectura del testamento de su difunto marido, Rafael de Marchena. El colombiano no le ha legado al colaborador de televisión catalán ninguno de sus bienes en herencia, como le prometió. Putzbach, de 38, y de Marchena, fallecido a los 85 por un cáncer, celebraron su enlace en Los Ángeles el 6 de enero de 2018. El mismo día un año después, Putzbach enviudaba sabiendo que esa boda no había sido tal cosa, y que solo había firmado un co

Erik Putzbach pierde a su marido, Rafael de Marchena, y siembre la duda sobre su herencia

"He vivido bien toda la vida. Nací en esta casa, que hoy vale 5 millones de euros. Teníamos casa en la Cerdanya, otra en Río de Janeiro. He crecido siempre con ‘tatas’ y criados. Hemos viajado por el mundo entero, teníamos un yate. (...) Mi madre me dejó heredero de cinco pisos y de un bar en Sitges que arriendo. Tengo una mensualidad nada despreciable", concluye Erik.

"Nunca jamás me he prostituido y eso que he tenido ofertas de ‘madames’ que me han ofrecido ir a cenar con señores por dinero.

​The Brooklyn Mirage lines up Innervisions, Afterlife, Paradise for summer parties

Note: I shot the header image, though it is uncredited.

New York City’s sprawling outdoor venue The Brooklyn Mirage has announced its summer event calendar, revealing parties curated by world-renowned brands like Innervisions, Afterlife (pictured) and Paradise.

Having previously announced the venue’s season opening party on Saturday, May 19 with The Cityfox Experience, The Brooklyn Mirage now shares 11 more events produced by Reynard Productions, including Afterlife, Crew Love, Innervisions, Mayan Warrior, OUTPOST, Paradise, listed’s PLAY, and SAG

People of Sundance Film Festival 2018 | Everfest

Since 1981, the U.S. film industry’s annual winter mecca, better known as Sundance Film Festival, took over Utah's Park City this past January, and diverse crowds of film enthusiasts and party-goers from all over filled the streets, theaters, and venues for the festivities.

This year saw a heavy emphasis on women's empowerment in the film industry, we suspect inspired in part by the #MeToo movement and the explosive allegations against Harvey Weinstein and other men in the industry. Saturday mo

6 Reasons You Can Afford Sundance Film Festival | Everfest

Sundance Film Festival, with its reputation for celebrity-lined red carpets, agency parties and indie films on the hunt for distribution, can on the surface seem a bit inaccessible to those who aren’t in the industry. Not to mention the fact that the cost of festival passes, condo rentals and plane tickets can easily amount to thousands of dollars just for the first weekend. That is, if you’re not privy to the tips that I, a now three-year Sundance veteran and artist/journalist on a budget, am a

Wedding Bells Ring in Hollywood!Celebrity Hair Stylist Rafael de Marchena-Huyke and Fashion Expert Erik Putzbach Bori Tie the Knot

Hollywood, CA – January 10, 2018 – Rafael de Marchena-Huyke and Erik Putzbach Bori were married at an exclusive reception at their stunning mansion in Hancock Park, California on Saturday, January 6.

The elegant affair marked the beginning of a new life together for the Colombian philanthropist and celebrity hair stylist and interior designer with the Spanish-born television star and fashion expert.

Approximately 80 guests joined in the afternoon celebration of their special day. The festiviti

From Picnics in the Park to Its Very Own Festival: How Dirtybird Learned to Fly | Everfest

The nest is growing. Chirps have become squawks, and Dirtybird Records is celebrating 13 years of bumping innovative, playful underground house music. Hosting their eponymous festival, Dirtybird Campout, the birds will again bring their unique brand of booty-shaking beats to their own three-day campout in Bradley, California this weekend. Answering its fans' longtime prayers for their own weekend of Dirtybird fun, everyone will finally get to join their favorite camp counselors, Claude VonStroke

Love Comes in the Derpiest Dogs

Love Comes in the Derpiest Dogs

Since our friendship began last fall, my friend Tyler has been raging about Corgi Beach Day. “They’re just so derpy!” Tyler would say of the awkwardly adorable pups. Makes sense this made him so excited, since Tyler’s niche in photography is capturing derp faces at cosplay conventions. I’ll admit I’m more of a cat-person, but the idea of a bunch of stubby-legged, fox-like seemingly smiling dogs, like, hundreds of them, prancing along a Californian shore, was kind

Saudi Film Days

As sunset gilded Los Angeles on November 3, actor Giancarlo Esposito, most recently of Breaking Bad fame, joined a small flock of fellow Hollywood celebrities at Paramount Studios to walk a red carpet in front of an unprecedented backdrop: the logo for Saudi Film Days, the two-day US premiere of seven short movies by seven young directors, all from Saudi Arabia. Esposito, a veteran also of three Spike Lee films who knows a thing or two about new voices in film, was as excited to meet the director

The Story of NYC's Biggest Music Venue That Almost Never Happened

Unwilling to bend the rules, the crew sends the late-comers away. The 800-capacity vessel sounds its horn and chugs down the East River as the sun beats down on the deck. Following a warm up set from Mike Khoury, Âme and Dixon will headline the event, purveying the brand of polished house and techno with which Cityfox has become synonymous. Unwilling to bend the rules, the crew sends the late-comers away. The 800-capacity vessel sounds its horn and chugs down the East River as the sun beats down

Contentious East Williamsburg club The Brooklyn Mirage secures full liquor license

The controversial pop-up club The Brooklyn Mirage was indeed living up to its name last summer after city officials repeatedly shut down the venue for a host of violations.

However, following a long struggle with local law enforcement, Community Board 1 (CB1) and a series of botched raves, the club seems to be on the right track to reopening permanently after the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) granted the venue a full liquor license on Monday.

SLA issued the license despite CB1 — which

Your Comprehensive Desert Hearts Packing List!

It was around 2am at Symbiosis, I was not sober and it was time to make a pee break. As usual for a festival by this time, the portos had run out of toilet paper. That didn’t matter to me, because I was a prepared festie! I always carry on my trusty utility belt a small packet of tissues and hand sanitizer for this very reason. I came out and someone spotted my tissues and asked for one. So I gave it to them, then next thing I knew everyone was coming up to me one-by-one to take from my tissue p

People Of Art Basel Miami 2016 | Everfest

Last weekend, Miami was taken over by a little thing called Art Basel. It spawned countless satellite fairs, Miami’s incredible street art scene exploded and what seemed like at least eight parties launched every half hour; it was enough to generate a ton of FOMO for everyone who came. Every kind of art was represented masterfully, and lines between genres and mediums ingeniously blurred. It quickly became clear that with art, there are no rules.

For us, Art Basel became a mission. A mission to
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